Extract Table Extract a table from an image or a PDF, using AWS Textract. By Vegard Stikbakke (source code on Github). This has unfortunately become too expensive to provide for free, as it uses AWS Textract. Please email vegard.stikbakke at gmail.com if you'd be willing to pay for access to the API.

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API details

Accepted file types are png and jpg images, and PDFs. To use the API directly, you can send an HTTP POST request to https://api.extract-table.com. Use the Content-Type header to specify what file you're sending, and put the file data in the request data.

Example using curl

curl -s https://api.extract-table.com \
    -H "Content-Type: image/png" \
    --data-binary @image.png

Example using Go

package main

import (

func main() {
  data, _ := os.ReadFile("example.pdf")
  resp, _ := http.Post("https://api.extract-table.com", "application/pdf", bytes.NewReader(data))
  scanner := bufio.NewScanner(resp.Body)
  for i := 0; scanner.Scan(); i++ {